Research Publications

Below is a complete list of my peer-reviewed publications as of August 2016. The list is displayed in reverse chronological order, such that we always have the most up to date work showing first.

My Google Scholar citations page can be found here.

  • Intelligent Physiotherapy Through Procedural Content Generation

    Esfahlani, S.S. and Thompson, T. (2016) To appear at the 3rd Experimental AI and Games Workshop (EXAG) at the 2016 Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE 2016), November 2016.


  • Scalable Level Generation for 2D Platforming Games.

    Dewsbury, N., Nunn, A., Syrett, M., Tatum, J. and Thompson, T. (2016) The 7th Workshop on Procedural Content Generation, 2016 Digital Games Research Association/Foundation of Digital Games conference (DiGRA/FDG 2016), August 2016.[SLIDES PPTX and PDF]





  • Playable Experiences at AIIDE 2015 [Sure Footing Demonstration]

    Cook, M., Eiserloh, S., Robertson, J., Young, R.M., Thompson, T., Tatum, J., Dewsbury, N., Churchill, D., Cerny, M., Hernandez, S.P. and Bulitko, V. (2015)  Playable Experiences Track.  Proceedings of the Eleventh AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE).  November 2015.




  • AI-Based Game Design Patterns

    Treanor, M., Zook, A., Eladhari, M.P., Togelius, J., Smith, G., Cook, M., Thompson, T., Magerko, B., Levine, J. and Smith, A. (2015) Foundation of Digital Games Conference, June 2015.







  • The 2014 General Video Game Playing Competition

    Perez, D., Samothrakis, S., Togelius, J., Schaul, T., Lucas, S.M., Couetoux, A., Lee, J., Lim, C. and Thompson, T. (2015)  IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, DOI: 10.1109/TCIAIG.2015.2402393