Hello and welcome to my personal site.  I’m Dr Tommy Thompson, a senior lecturer of computer science (currently part-time at Anglia Ruskin University).  My research interests include procedural content generation for game design, application of games as benchmarks for computationally intelligent systems and AI-driven game design.  I have over 30 peer-reviewed publications in international journals and conferences related to games and artificial intelligence since 2008.

Outside of academia, I work freelance as an AI consultant and programmer to the video games industry as well as a public speaker on game-AI research and applications as part of AI and Games.a My business that is predominantly known for the YouTube series of the same name that looks at research and applications of artificial intelligence in video games.

In addition, I am co-founder of game development company Table Flip Games.  Our company makes our own video game titles but also provides outsourcing for clients in 3D art, animation and programming as well as tutorials and training in video game technologies.

Qualifications & Experience

A complete list of qualifications plus a breakdown of academic and industry experience can be found in my CV.


Please consult my separate publications page for the complete list of all academic publications.

Talks and Media Appearances

I actively engage in speaking about games and artificial intelligence in a number of capacities as lecturer, STEM ambassador, independent video game developer and AI researcher.  Below is a list of some of the media appearances and public speaking engagements I’ve had in recent years:

Public Speaking & Invited Talks

Media Interviews and Articles: